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Power Peace Jewels

The Experience

The Experience


Power Peace Jewels is the culmination of Andrea’s love of jewelry and passion for the process of spiritual awakening. Power Peace FurBabies was born out of Love for pets by Andrea & Sat.


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For the past 21 years I have been on a path of dismantling all the things that get put on you in life that aren’t yours, and getting back to me… the person I was born as. My healing has been my full time job and my jewelry business has been my passion, connecting with people and making them happy. On my journey I met Peter in my yoga class and instinctually knew I had to have him in my life… I later found out that he was a healer. Shortly after, we began our work together. My journey with Peter, the way he coaches, his love and generosity and portal of well being and love literally changed my life. I would always say to him that I wished everyone could have him in their life, I want to share him with the world! Sat and I met because I’m obsessed with crystals and their power. I have been collecting them for several years and a friend told me I needed to meet Sat and have a healing session with him. From the moment I met him I loved him. He is a pure portal of love and well being and sunshine, the power of his work with the crystals and how he chooses the right ones for you is extraordinary. His whole process is magical. These are two humans that have truly made a huge impact in my life. I truly thank G-D for them everyday! One day, when walking my dogs who are the loves of my life, it came to me, the Power Peace. It all just came together and I finally figured out a way to share Sat and Peter with the world. My two passions came together so beautifully and organically. I am so very honored that they said yes to my idea and that here we are today and able to offer you this beautiful piece from my heart.

Your Power Peace Jewel

Two separate sessions with the spiritual healers.

The locket with gems & the crystal bead necklace. (You are prescribed a crystal and two gemstones by Sat during your session.)

A third eye floating charm on the inside of your locket.

Our universal mantra, I Love Myself, I Trust Myself, I am Myself, appears inside every Power Peace Locket.

Your intention designed in a secret code by Andrea and engraved into the front of your locket.

A picture of your choosing lasered into the inside of your locket.

Before it gets shipped out Sat will pour blessings over your Power Peace Necklace and enchant it with the energy of your intention.