The Gemstones are known as the offspring between the marriage between Heaven & Earth. They are special because they are the only objects we have which hold crystalline lattices and a molecular atomic structure that vibrate in perfect harmony and balance . Most people don’t realize that the stones you wear really affect the energy that you are vibrating & radiating and thus help determine what comes back to you and how you experience your reality. These stones will empower your Power Peace and your life.

Power Peace Jewels


This unique stone is one of resilience, vitality, and manifestation. Ruby can carry you through the times of stress and depletion, reminding you that life moves in waves. It ensures that you don’t lose your spiritual footing and points to the higher reality that love is at the core of all things.

Power Peace Jewels


Initiating ease and grace, this powerful stone can dissolve toxic mental & emotional energies to leave you feeling radiant and joyful. Creating a deeper connection to the inner self, it can help uncover your Soul’s deepest desires that may be different from what the world tells you to be. Align with your destiny and sense your purpose with Sapphire.

Power Peace Jewels


As a Master Crystal, Diamonds have the ability to amplify your intentions, strengthen your aura, cut through confusion, and shine light upon blind spots that could be blocking your highest path. They have the ability to balance all the chakras, promoting a sense of balance and confidence.

Power Peace Jewels


One of the most potent stones for the heart chakra, Emeralds hold the healing power of Mother Earth in a very special way. Promoting spiritual love, prosperity, and courage, emeralds also heal grief and foster compassion and forgiveness.