We are honored and grateful to be a part of your journey by creating a locket that tells your personal story. Our hope is you will wear your Power Peace Jewelry as a daily source of inspiration and empowerment holding you in a space of love.
We are all working together to change the collective vibration and intention of everyone, one locket/person at a time.
-Andrea, Sat and Peter

Today has been a super emotional day. The kind of day where you are holding back tears with such tightness in your throat. Then my Power Peace arrived and my whole mood changed, my heart exploded.I love it more than you guys can ever know. Thank you so much!

How lucky are you to be surrounded by such incredible people who are filled with such love and good vibes. I could sit and talk to them all day. I’m so excited for my Power Peace.

Dear Andrea, Peter and Sat, I just received my Power Peace necklace and locket. I love it! Even the packaging was so good. Thank you for including the selenite piece and the lovely note Andrea. All 1st class over the top wonderful!

Hi Andrea! I wanted to let you know how much I love my Power Peace! I wear it every single day and I am absolutely so happy! Thanks to you, Peter and Sat!!!

Love Peter! What an unbelievable guy! I can see how much peace he brings to your life. This is a gift! Thank you! I love the sense of peace and trust he gave me- that was unexpected. It’s a gift you are giving by sharing them! Sat is unbelievable!!!! Dying… it was so cool!!!!! I feel like the emoji… all full of love

Love my necklace!! Thank you so much!!!! Power Peace jewels came through!!! I had my baby girl!!!!

I’m obsessed with my Power Peace necklace! Every time I look at it in the mirror it makes me smile and warms my heart. Thank you so much!

After having my sessions with Sat and Peter, and designing with you. I am beyond excited for my Power Peace (you have no idea)... This is going to be my accountability piece

Ever since I received my Power Peace and have been wearing carnelian I feel completely grounded. I don’t feel anxious at all anymore!

I am obsessed with you, your style, your design intellect, and intuition and spirit, and just everything Andrea! You get me and my style- we are one! I loved working together today-it was a very special experience! Thanks for your guidance and commitment to helping me create my perfect Power Peace! I feel so honored and blessed to be part of the PPJ family!